Dear BMTF community, 


I have missed you. We are a solid year into a pandemic that

flipped our lives upside down. I know we’re all in different

“boats” but we’ve all endured the storm together. As the

weather breaks and we get that feeling of “newness” again,

I wanted to reach out and share a little with you about where

I’ve been, where I am, and what lies ahead. 


Just before COVID-19 closed the studio doors, we

celebrated 10 years of Be More Than Fit Personal Training

Studio. I have always loved creating an atmosphere where people felt comfortable to show up vulnerable, insecure, sleepy, or completely unmotivated and allow them to spend 30 minutes or so with a Team BMTF trainer, or myself, and see them leave feeling like they can conquer what lies ahead. But truth be told, 10 years in, I was feeling like my work got the best of me and my family was getting “the rest” of me. I was burned out as a business owner and mom and felt like the self care I promoted and championed for was for everyone but me. I never thought that I needed a pandemic to release me from others expectations, but that’s exactly what it did and I was able to heal from a lot of hustle and exhaustion. I was reminded that Be More Than Fit was more than a place; it’s an idea. It’s a belief that we are so much more than a body to be looked at and it’s a belief that when we can embrace having one focus at a time; nutrition, exercise, stress reduction or maintenance, that we can stretch out our progress so that it lasts a lifetime instead of losing and gaining weight or strength over and over again. 


The pandemic allowed us the opportunity to bring BMTF to you virtually which helped so many people continue to take care of themselves in some way. Over the last year, we’ve been reminded that we can exercise anywhere! We’ve learned that we desperately need community and connection no matter where we are and have been challenged to show up for ourselves and each other. Regardless of your current fitness level or health status, I know that you need accountability. I need it too. The struggle that faces us all is to not give up taking care of ourselves when “life happens.” Life has definitely “happened” over the last year but lucky for us, “Fit Happens” too... when you’re ready. 


For a while, I second guessed whether or not I was doing a good enough job to meet your needs. The reality was I just needed to meet mine for a while. Now that I’ve had a chance to find new ways to meet both, I am excited to tell you where Be More Than Fit will be; it will be everywhere! If you desire exercising from home, we will schedule personal training sessions with you virtually or you can join a Virtual Small Group Training (SGT) team. If you want to exercise in a gym, we have partnered with Geneva Fit Club (28 Seneca St Geneva, NY) and the Fitness Center at Phelps Community Center (8 Banta St Phelps, NY.) I am also happy to announce that I am now the Wellness Coordinator for the Fitness Center at Phelps Community Center and will be starting there toward the end of April. We will be using our MindBody software to book classes and personal training sessions for anyone looking to train in person or virtually.


I would love to hear from you. You can call me or text me at 585-208-0337 and just let me know how you’re doing. The relationship I have with you means so much to me and even though we haven’t touched base in a while, I think of you often. I hope to see you soon and if there’s any way we can help you “Be More Than Fit”, please let me know!




Arielle DeVito