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So, you want to improve your physical health?!

We're so glad to hear it!
Listed below are the services we offer to help you improve your physical fitness:

Our Fitness Services

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Fat loss or Body Area/Goal Specific Training Packages


> Personalized plan

> Weekly check ins with your coach

> Weekly demo videos

  • 1 session per week $210/month

  • 2 sessions per week $330/month

  • 3 sessions per week $400/month

BMTF Foundation

General Personal Training
Pricing reflects 30 minute sessions

1 session per week

2 sessions per week $240/month

3 sessions per week $335/month
*at home or in a fitness center where available

BMTF Focus

Online Coaching Group

Start dates:
> JAN 1 .
> APR 1.
> JUL 1.

> OCT 1.

Pricing varies per course
Registration opens 30 days prior to course start date.
Courses are 6-12 weeks in length

Group Fitness Classes

4 pack $25

8 pack $40

Flex Pass (unlimited) $65

Currently offering in person & virtual classes from the
Phelps Community Center's

Fitness Center

Small Group Training

Join an existing group or create your own with 2 or more friends


Choose from 2 or 3 sessions/week

Be More Than Fit Trainers

are a community of health and fitness professionals who help clients improve their habits, lose weight and increase their mental and physical strength. Trainers will meet you right where you're at, right now. Whether that's in-home or a fitness center, in shape or out, stressed or chill, confident or not, we will create a 12 week program just for you. 

Our mission is to teach you how to start again, improve your confidence and help you live a healthier lifestyle forever. We don't just provide you with workouts, we will give you the mindset and solutions that will help turn every setback into a comeback.

Be More Than Fit is a movement; sure we want to help you get a lean, toned body, but more than that, we want to help change your life by utilizing healthy lifestyle habits and we believe that exercise is the catalyst for all of that.

We're here for it, are you ready?

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Personal Trainer

Active Aging Specialist

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Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer

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Personal Trainer

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