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At What Age Does Exercise Benefit You the Most?

I would say that depends on when you’ve needed it the most! And that’s completely subjective.

Define a time in your life you’ve felt like you needed a change. For so many of us that looks different. Maybe it’s when you’ve gone to the doctor and found out your health was headed in the wrong direction. Maybe it’s after a break-up or overcoming an eating disorder. Maybe you want to find more confidence. Possibly your knees or back hurt day-in and day-out. Whatever the reason or season of life, I believe exercise benefits you when you feel you need it the most!

Read on to learn more about the benefits of exercise at any age!


The earlier a child starts physical activity, the more they reduce their risk of many illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure. Exercise helps develop the heart and lungs as well as create healthy energy pathways. It also strengthens their muscles and bones. Regular exercise helps maintain good energy levels and sleep habits, which is important for their brains (and parent’s sanity!) Plus, teaching children to live an active lifestyle will instill healthy habits that can last a lifetime.


60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity on most days of the week is recommended for good health and fitness. And they can handle it! It’s just figuring out what they enjoy doing. Providing a positive exercise experience is so important during this stage of life because it can make or break a teen’s confidence. All of the same benefits as childhood exercise still apply in adolescence because they are still growing! The best advice during this stage is to meet them where they’re at and encourage them to try new things; new sports, new activities and new healthy foods! The things they enjoy the most may very well follow them into adulthood.


Exercise helps on so many levels. Besides weight management, regular exercise can help combat disease and health problems. It increases mood, energy levels and improves sleep. It can also improve sex drive and manage stress. The demands of everyday life can take a toll on your health physically, mentally and emotionally. As we age our metabolism naturally starts to decrease which can lead to health problems sooner than later so it’s important to stay preventative in maintaining good health. Staying active and choosing to follow a good diet can help keep good health all through adulthood.


Exercise is great for you on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. We just tend to underestimate its effectiveness. And just like you’re building muscles, showing up for exercise is building your motivation and determination “muscles”; the willpower needed for everyday life outside of the gym. If you can remember that, you’ll benefit more than physically, showing up for yourself in the studio, at the gym, or for a home workout will provide a quality of life that you’ll otherwise miss out on.

Obviously you may already know some of this information. Maybe you knew all of it. But knowledge without application doesn’t help anyone. You will benefit from your knowledge when you put it into practice. It’s NEVER too early or too late to start. Exercise from an early age helps create an efficient body. Exercise later in life helps create an efficient body. No matter your age, your commitment to exercise and moving your body the way it was designed to move will always be worth the effort! So you decide; what age does exercise benefit you the most? I say any age that makes you feel alive and well!

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