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Why you should "stick it to the man"

I don't know where this story should live. For now, I'm letting it have space on my fitness business' website because I'm not sure where else to put it but I know I HAVE to get it out and help someone else. Once I find the appropriate spot for it to rest or I feel like I've accomplished the mission of informing people I'll remove it from here. Until then please read on.

This past Saturday I made a significant financial donation to a couple fo scumbag scammers. I genuinely hope that it's put food on the table for a family or bought a kid something they desperately needed. I hope it's helped pay for a medical bill or is a blessing for someone who needed it more than I did. But in order to "raise my frequency" and not anihilate my integrity, I'm telling myself that's exactly what it was. My $600 charitable donation to someone who needed it more than I did.

$600 is a drop-in-the-bucket for some people. For others it could be a monthly salary (yes, I said monthly), a week's salary or a weekend side hustle. No matter how it's earned, it's exchanged for someone's time. This time it was my time, my effort and my pride. Once I realized I had been scammed and done everything they asked, I slid down the wall and balled into my hands (yes, in front of my kids and yes, in front of a complete stranger.)