Crowd with Masks

COVID-19 is changing the face of fitness too

When the March quarantine closed fitness centers we moved all of our services on-line, providing virtual personal and group fitness training.


Our clients fell in love with the convenience of virtual and in-home training and we saw an opportunity to offer our services in ways we had never been able to before. 

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How we do lifestyle improvement

We've known that one size doesn't fit all, it never has!

So we customize your program based on your values and your current season of life.

We've noticed something around here; people workout and take care of themselves in sync with the seasons. We designed a whole year plan to help you reach and maintain your fitness goals all year long; improving year after year!

"The Be More Than Fit Effect" is our solution for guiding you through a year long program that keeps you a priority in your life. Take a look at the slideshow for some basic information on what that looks like.  

Our Curriculum for sustainable Healthy Lifestyles

"The Be More Than Fit Effect"

how we help you focus on lifestyle changes one season at a time

Quarter 1: JAN - FEB -MAR

All about EXERCISE

Through the beginnning of the year, our goal is to help you learn the benefits of exercise, how to exercise safely and effectively, and help you build an efficient body; one that can move and groove and metabolize the way it's meant to.