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Health & Fitness just got a makeover

and it looks great on you.

I was a personal trainer for years, trying to help people achieve the weight loss results they desired. They always got stronger, had better energy and overall, felt great. But the one thing that always kept them from gaining what they really wanted was the habits they had in their lives that were keeping them from reaching those fat and weight loss goals.

Our thoughts feed our habits, our habits feed our routines and our routines feed (or starve) our results. I'm tired of fads that offer empty promises and my heart hurts for people who've done a gazillion programs and still feel like they don't know what to eat or are only happy with their bodies when they're thinner.

I've made it my personal mission to help women who are tired of trying another nutrition plan or a new workout regimen; who are over buying into 21, 24, 20 or 90 day challenges. I'm here to help you create healthy habits that fit into your life instead of fitting your life into another program. 

With me, you'll get your own "blueprint", based on 

  • how you respond to expectations

  • what motivates you

  • the season of life you're in right now

Science tells us that the following affect our health & fitness

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition

  • Stress Management

  • Exercise habits

And I couldn't agree more. But what I also believe is that the following have just as much of an effect

  • the comment your spouse made

  • the dirty kitchen

  • your children's listening skills, or lack thereof

  • the breaks you do or don't get at work

  • your morning routine

  • your evening routine

  • the stories you tell yourself 

  • how you feel like you have no time or space to exercise

  • your friend's results (and how you still compare where you are to someone else's progress)

  • the perceptions you have about how you're not enough (in all of the ways)

I want to help you change it; all of it. So I've put together a year long curriculum of all the things that have, over the last ten years, helped Be More Than Fit clients and myself maintain long lasting healthy habits. It's simple, effective, and you can pick and choose the things that fit for you. Whatever doesn't, we leave for the next season of life. The possibilities are endless! My question to you is "are you ready to change your life once and for all?"

Contact me for a free 12 week blueprint that will show you how to break down your goal into small, achieveble steps. This will get you started on any new goal and achieve the best results possible. 

12 Week Blueprint Request

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