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Managing & Reducing stress looks different for everyone.

Sometimes, you literally don't have time or energy to focus on good nutrition habits or exercising the way you'd like to. That's okay!

We all have seasons of life that challenge us in ways that require all the energy we have left to focus on just reducing and managing stress.

We know that there are forms of movement and ways to take care of ourselves that will help you reduce your stress and focus on some intuitive, explorative self-care. If you feel like that's the season you're in right now, check out the services we have to offer you!

Our Stress Management Services

Medicine Balls
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BMTF Foundation

General Personal Training Pricing reflects 30 minute one-on-one sessions with a trainer.

> 1 session per week $125/month

> 2 sessions per week $240/month

> 3 sessions per week $335/month

BMTF Mental Health Movement

$215 per month

  • Unlimited group fitness classes

  • One a week check in with a coach

  • Personalized plan

BMTF Focus

Online Coaching Group

Start dates:
> JAN 1 .
> APR 1.
> JUL 1.

> OCT 1.

Pricing varies per course
Registration opens 30 days prior to course start date.
Courses are 6-12 weeks in length

Not sure which is right for you?

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